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Class Levels:

Ballet 1                              
Ages 4-5  No previous training. Basic ballet steps and creative movement.

Ballet 2 
Ages 5-6  Basic ballet technique. Age 6 for beginners or 5 for students with prior training.

Ballet 3
Ages 7-8. Basic ballet technique with some prior training.

Ballet 4
Ages 8-9. Ballet technique with 1-2 years prior training.

Ballet 5
Ages 9-12.  Ballet technique with 3-4 years prior training. Two classes/week recommended.

​Ballet 6
Placement by school director -  Intermediate class.  4-5 years prior training. Two classes/week required, in addition to rehearsal time. Emphasis on pointe preparation. 

Ballet 7/8
Placement by school director - Advanced class with emphasis on performance.  Three classes/week required all year around, and four classes/week and rehearsal required for 3 months prior to each performance. 

Tap & Jazz 1/2

Ages 5-7 No previous training.  Must be enrolled in Ballet. 

Tap & Jazz 3

Ages 7-9 Ages 7-9 with some prior training.  Must be enrolled in Ballet.


Tap & Jazz 4/5

Ages 9-11 with prior training.  Must be enrolled in Ballet.

Jazz 6

Placement by school director. Must be enrolled in either Ballet 5 or 6.  

Jazz 7/8

Placement by school director. Must be enrolled in either Ballet 7/8.

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